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Climate change – presuppositions and intentions

October 24 is proclaimed by the organisation 350 as an international day of climate action

. The 350 organisation drives an international campaign to build a movement to unite the world around solutions for changing the climate

. The figure 350 comes from the parts per million limit for CO2 in the atmosphere

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. Parts per million is one way of measuring the concentration of different gases, and means the ratio of the number of carbon dioxide molecules to all of the molecules in the atmosphere. According to the organisation our atmosphere contained 275 parts per million of carbon dioxide back in the beginning of the 19th century and nowadays the planet has 390 parts per million CO2, and it’s rising by about 2 parts per million every year.

This year they succeeded to gather people in more than 180 countries for more than 5000 events on October 24.

How powerful are our presuppositions and intentions when changing the climate?


Intention: To cause scenes

Improv Everywhere has been around since 2001 with the simple and clever intention to give people cool stories to tell, summarised in “we cause scenes”

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. They have done so by creating different events from fake U2 concerts to get people to not wear pants on the NY subway

. You’ll find almost all pranks on the website below .

No rules, no corporate values, no corporate strategies, no hierarchies but a movement soon spread all over the world with just; a clear intention.

Improv Everywhere

The Fun theory – Visual and auditive creativity

We all know that we’re not moving enough every day
. We all know we can contribute more to achieve a sustainable world
. We also know that it’s the small steps we all do in our everyday life that really make impact
. Do most of us change our habits? No

Some creative persons in Sweden have been thinking of this and the factor of fun was missing according to them when they created this campaign for VW; ‘Blue Motion’. Together with our visual and auditive sense they have produced some real astonishing and creative ways which really changes peoples behaviour from how we reclaim glass bottles to how we take the stairs instead of the escalator. If it’s a lasting change – we don’t know but it probably is – and it really doesn’t matter cause it hopefully inspires to thoughtfulness in other areas (isomorphism) also

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. Watch the videos below and just think of where you can make changes in your everyday life.

the fun theory

Beds are burning – tck tck tck

The climate meeting in Copenhagen will be a meeting people refer to irrespective of the results, since there are a lot of expectations for the summit. Over the years there have been lots of different mucic projects – with mixed results –  where famous artists gather to raise awareness for a specific issue
. This is the case for Copenhagen 09 also but this time the artists have chosen an already known song with a strong political message and symbolic. At the closing ceremony in the Olympics 2000 in Sydney, Midnight Oil performed the song all dressed in black with “sorry” printed on their shirts.The song is “Beds are burning” from 1987. Originally it’s about giving native Australian lands back, but it has been remixed and re-phrased to suit this purpose

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. The video itself is really worth watching even though you don’t like or sympathise with the message
. Watch it and just reflect upon it!

tck tck tck

Midnight Oil Sydney 2000

Explain vs Understand

Kon- and Plas-tiki

Back in the 40’s the norwegian Thor Heyerdahl made his journey across the Pacific Ocean from South America to the Polynesian Islands on the raft Kon-Tiki

Next year David de Rothschild, an environmentalist, adventurer and author is leading an exciting expedition where they have borrowed the suffix of the raft from the Heyerdahl expedition .

The aim of the journey is to put focus to a zone in the southern Pacific Ocean, where the planet’s lost plastic is gathered in an area twice the size of Texas

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. The expedition will sail from San Fransisco to Sydney on a 60 ft catamaran made from reclaimed plastic bottles.

View the website, which in itself is worth watching, and get acquainted with the project and think of what we can do to reduce our use of plastic

The Plastiki

Construction and Destruction

To construct things have in general terms always been something positive

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. To destruct things haven’t

. It’s probably time to review this and look at destruction as a fundamental part for development and change. The two words origin from latin and means build something together, to build something up and to build something down .

A well-known quote from John Maynard Keynes goes in the same direction: “The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.”

Where do I just construct things without destructing?

China’s 60th Anniversary

How the world would have looked like without the events that took place 60 years ago in China no one knows . However there’s a brilliant video from the 60 years celebrations at Tiananmen square, where the film makers have mixed time lapses and still photos to an impressive short film

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. View it and just reflect upon the impact the republic has had and has on our world, and of course on the impressive show


China’s 60th Anniversary

Presupposition # 9 and frames

Development can be described as things that come together
. To invent products, to develop services or to take things to the next level, it’s good to know how our minds tend to hinder or support us in that process
. Dependending on our presuppositions people thinkt it easy or tough with development.

Over the years there are a lot of examples from all lines of businesses where we’ve been stuck in our thoughts and where our presupposition prevents development
. One exemple of this is bicycle helmets . In Sweden for those who don’t know, it’s a law to carry helmet when biking until you’re 15 years old. Parents know that it’s good to carry a helmet but very few do. Our vanity stop us

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. However, the Danes known for their design ability have now helped us to overcome our vanity by just thinking; how can we overcome the functional bicycle helmet and add form to them? That is to say to design them

Are there things in my everyday life, where my presuppositions hinder development?

Are there things in my daily life where my presuppositions support development?

Yakkay Bicycle helmets

Influencers or Influenced?

The author of ‘Buyology’ Martin Lindstrom has made a lot of studies which been presented

. Here’s a new one which is dependig on your presupposition; scary or wonderful . He put together a focus group of tweens which recieves a special task to identify brands through; sound, smell and by watching parts of the marketing material for the different brands

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How do you use the visual part, the sound or the kinestetic parts in your marketing?

NBC Today –  Brand savvy tweens

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