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Your home renovation experts in Winnipeg. Harwood Design Builders is Winnipeg`s best design-build team for home renovations and has been producing award-winning home renovations since 1999! We take you home from “he has potential” to the room you`ve always dreamed of. Creative interior design, construction of the highest quality and careful management of new construction and renovation projects ensure you get exactly what you were promised. We are a tailor-made company for home renovations, including kitchens, bathrooms and closets. We design for our customers n. Renovating your home changes your life. You have the vision. We have the know-how. Let`s work together! Bring your ideas to Harwood and we will have our experts work.

Are you already working with an interior designer or architect? We work with some of Winnipeg`s best designers and interior designers. We cultivate your ideas to create a design and home renovation of excellence! Hiring a professional renovator is your best assurance that you will get the results you want and the best value for money. A professional renovator is a general contractor, sometimes called a renovation contractor, who can put your entire project together. The renovator assumes full responsibility for the contractually agreed work and gives you a guarantee as soon as it is completed. Our award-winning kitchen renovations start with reviewing your requirements and translating them into a renovation plan based on your lifestyle and your family`s needs, delivered through inspiring interior design by our world-class contract team! Fresh out of the press so you can read everything about it! We regularly post our ideas, top tips and tricks, and other thoughts on home renovations in Winnipeg on our blog. We don`t mind sharing our wealth of knowledge with you, check it out today! Our award-winning bathroom renovations ensure that form and function are fulfilled so you can enjoy the space now, but it will meet your needs for years to come! We do everything from concept to realization, with know-how and integrity at every step of the journey! Don`t worry about other entrepreneurs. They never call back and never show up on time. Dave and his team are on time every time and you get an immediate reminder!!! Getting informed is the first step to getting it right. Having a plan and understanding the contracting process is key to finding the right contractor and getting the results you want. On the CCAA website, you`ll find the basic information you need – step by step. My project was exactly what I was looking for, I highly recommend Dave Pollock and Well Refined Renovations. At Platinum Builders, we pride ourselves on our work and the satisfaction of our customers.

We strive to provide your Drea. If you work closely with our experts for the conversion of houses, you will have the opportunity to choose different aspects of the changes, including the smallest details of the project. For example, when renovating your bathroom, you not only choose the materials for your countertops and floor, but you also decide on aspects such as the style and quality of your shower or bathtub. Read more Harwood Design Builders has published articles Need a little inspiration for your project? Check out previous renoMark Renovation Awards listings! All submitted projects come from members of MHBA Renovator. Well refined renovations have renovated our office and it looks fantastic. It was great to work with Dave Pollock, from communication to execution. 24 X 36 (approx.) versatile supplement with bathroom via attached double garage living room is 12×20 feet too. Maybe cut to open the kitchen to the living room, reconfigure the extractor hood Photo: our Royal Salinger kitchen renovation – learn more Our team approaches your project with years of experience in renovating homes in Winnipeg like yours. We know what it takes to deliver a renovation project on time and on budget – which will exceed expectations. We`ve done it over and over again, is yours next? We specialize in home office areas, designated play spaces for kids, home theater systems, and dry and wet bars to make your home experience the way you need it. Click below for more information on how to start your renovation project! Did you know that obtaining a title is necessary to become an aging renovator on site? We are proud to be able to offer this service and we have the knowledge and ability to design and build your next renovation that gives you the freedom to help you stay in your home longer. Removal of plaster walls in the living room and replacement with a vap barrier and new drywall, if possible drywall on the ceiling of the existing gypsum living room; Distance only from plaster ceiling in basement section App 12×20 feet Looking for the quality of a home renovation company for your next project? I would like to thank the entire Team at Harwood Design Build for the great work done during my recent renovation in Winnipeg.

Harwood helped me with a previous renovation of my home and when it came time to do this project, Harwood was the first (and only) call I made. Again, I`m very happy with the renovation.— Carol Whether you need more space or just want a new look for your home, you have many factors to consider. Performing a complete renovation of your home brings with it a number of important benefits. Plus, it`s exciting to imagine all the different features you can add to your kitchen, bathroom, basement or living space. Winnipeg Custom Construction Firm specializes in functional spaces Timber Ridge Homes specializes in the design and construction of wood-frame homes and homes. The extension will be connected to the existing two-storey building with the continuation of the roofline and will include a large solar system above the existing and new roof area. I have worked with Dave from Well Refined Renovations on many projects and have been very satisfied with his work and professionalism, so my clients and I were very happy. A home renovation is a process of transformation – it changes not only the physical aspects of the space, but also the way you feel in the space. Start today with the renovation of your dreams the process to feel more comfortable in your home! You can even choose the type of towel rack you want. The pleasure of a renovation project revolves around making important decisions and seeing your dreams come to life. . Winnipeg`s qualified and high-quality general contractor pictured: our exterior renovation on North Drive and the addition to the home – learn more..


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