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This service sells products online with good customer service and grows your business. A product-based business wants to sell its products online, so this Yahoo Small Business service is too relevant. For this service, the user can use the help of the Aabaco Business E-Commerce Store. With this service, you sell products and offers with Yahoo`s customer support team. Yahoo Small Business now has robust e-commerce and business creation tools and offers the features you need to launch your online presence. However, the lack of blogging and image editing tools dampens its luster. This “business” is absolutely terrible. My work email stops not working anymore, no matter what I try as an access point. You can`t get help unless you have an Abaco account. The instructions are so convoluted that it is absolutely ridiculous. No contact is available for assistance. This is the ultimate Doom loop.

Thank you Yahoo for doing that. How do we even know it`s legitimate? I found information that this company is not in India. Without help, I have the impression that this is a kind of scam because the certificates of this site are not reliable. We took the domain from Yahoo, September 2014, and created and downloaded the pages. After a few days, we will no longer be able to access our website. We tried to contact Yahoo to restore the site, but we tried and tried and gave up. in September 2O15 the site was renewed by credit card. During March 31, we last contacted aabaco customer service and received a complaint number. For a week, I was behind aabaco and restored the estate. After restoring the domain on our Surprice, there is no data that we have downloaded.

When they contact Aabaco for the same, they say that to recover the data, we need to create a new case so that the AABACO support team can search and recover based on a new case. It`s very funny. Aabaco by not providing the necessary support and by hitting the money year after year. This will continue. We need to do something together to stop this. Valuable suggestions for small business owners had to stop this scam Since Yahoo moved my account to Aabaco, they merged the two accounts (my personal account with my work email address). Now I get emails on both accounts and if I try to delete from one account, it will also be deleted from the other. Yahoo sold “web space and domain”, etc. in India for a long time. In January 2016, they sold their business to a company called Aabaco or Luminate.

They don`t have an address or phone number, not even emails in India, but they provide services on behalf of Yahoo. Now, if a customer has a problem, they can see the limited solutions available on Aabaco`s website or at most, they can ask a question that Yahoo will answer, but God knows when. Now, people like me who bought web space at yahoo and now for a few days I am not able to send emails properly, I have none that I can contact in yahoo. I want my money back, but I don`t know where to turn. I would like to report this to the police or the Indian government. Thanks to Aabaco, small business is a disaster. The best advice I can give someone is to AVOID it!! I stayed and was converted by Yahoo because I thought things would go seamlessly. FALSE. Sometimes my website will be completely unavailable. Sometimes my website loses critical features that are essential to my business.

They are terrible! Call their customer service and after 45 minutes you talk to someone who simply notes what the problem is, does nothing and says nothing of value. “Your engineers are working on the problem, is there anything else they can help?” YES to make my website work. More than 5 years with yahoo and still a problem. Less than a month with this company Mickey Mouse and two reviews. AVOID AABACO *** In this article, we are going to discuss what is Yahoo Small Business? We`ll also describe the different services Yahoo Business offers to increase your company`s productivity. You`ll get an overview of website building, Yahoo domain email service, and e-commerce with Yahoo. Get the most out of the article and understand how to grow your business with Yahoo Domain Mail services. I don`t know if it`s a business at all. I just received a call from 1-229-384-5021. The man I spoke to told me that it was not a sales pitch and that he was with the aabaco software. I advised him to get an honest job, hung up and called the number back.

What I received was a recorded message that the number I had dialed could not be filled in. What kind of business calls from an invalid phone number? He said he was based in Georgia but looked like he was from Calcutta. Scams are constantly set up by people abroad who illegally use a U.S. number. Lists business information in multiple search engine directories. It increases the trend of your business with other users and increases the reliability of the brand in the online market. I`m trying to access my website to update it and I couldn`t do it. I have to register with Aabaco, which asks far too many personal questions.

This is intolerable and a bad business decision. How do we get out of contracts and what happens to our domain names? The website design service allows small business owners to create professional websites and regularly update the content of the website. Here`s how it works: You schedule a free consultation with a Yahoo Small Business agent and tell the person what you need on a company website. A domain name is required in online business so that the company can put a uniqueness above its activity in online marketing. This also makes it possible to distinguish the products or services offered by the company and the recognition held (domain name, e.B. I`ve had the last 15 years and over 16,000 emails with ALL my business information, including documents, legal contracts, email exchanges, etc. just disappear.

called the number that brings you a younger person to India who didn`t say anything they can do after 2 hours – won`t allow me to talk to anyone else and no way to contact Aabaco or Iliminate or know who to contact? When I had latency issues, they had someone in the US who called me and emailed me to fix the issues (which they didn`t do). I sent 20 emails to this address without replying, even after pointing out that it would destroy my business. I should have moved at that time, but 2 months later the same thing happened and they can`t do anything – Yahoo`s website says they can access the emails for up to 7 days and this time the guy in India said he could see my historical emails but couldn`t migrate them to my account? The next day, my calendar was deleted and cannot be recovered. I have consulted a lawyer, but it requires a class action. Abaco stole my money after I couldn`t set up my personalized business email and refused to refund my money for a defective product. Aabaco offers to promote my website for $500.00 per year! Why would a businessman pay $500.00 to a company to do something we did for free and alone last month? I will file a fraud complaint with the Texas Attorney General`s Office and recommend other former Yahoo Web Hosting customers to do the same. This company is not for business. The new model requires a Yahoo account to access emails from your domain, and there`s no way to change access to your email account, so if an employee leaves the company, there`s no way to verify their emails.

!!!! You lose everything. No Sopport! Poor and earthy service. Stay away from this service Now we`re going to discuss it in detail and know how important it is to take your business to the top. Aabaco is a disgrace and will undoubtedly be bankrupt soon. Yahoo won`t be far behind. What a disaster. Walk as far as possible from AABaco. They closed the domain (Emaiil and website) because they could not receive the response of registered emails when registering the domain (15 years ago). However, they didn`t charge us any problems. I`ve never seen that before. I think they took over Yahoo and the domain registration had to be checked again.

Our mistake was not updating this email address. But one could assume that if you get paid, the business is still in business. Instead, they simply shut down our business. WTF do you think? David! U seems reasonable, patient and experienced. Read the bashing since December 2015 on lawsuits for $70 overbilling, merging personal and business accounts BASHING BASHING BASHING BASHING BASHING BASHING BASHING BASHING BASHING BASHING 2015. I thought.. New technology. Transition. Never perfect.

I totally agree with your comments. Yahoo customer since the 90s. I`ve tried other ecommerce providers to name a few Amazon and eBay. YOU GOUGE at a fee of 20% to 25%. Yahoo has never been great, has never been terrible. THINK THAT THE CHANGE WILL BE FOR THE BETTER!! Expect tomorrow with them. Right now, Aabaco Small Business is a Yahoo company, but that won`t always be the case. Although no specific date has been given, Aabaco said on its website that they will be separated from Yahoo to become part of Aabaco Holdings. For more information, visit the Company`s Q&A page. .

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