What Forms Do I Need for Irish Passport

Once you have obtained citizenship by descent, you can apply for an Irish passport by presenting your foreign birth registration certificate and original foreign passport (if available and applicable) as well as the documents generally required. If you claim your citizenship through a grandparent born in Ireland, you have the right to apply for birth registration abroad and can then apply for an Irish passport. This is the case even if your parents do not have an Irish passport. If you change your name legally, you will need to apply for a new passport. It is not possible to apply for your new passport for a name change via the Passport Express online system. To change the name of your Irish passport, follow these steps. In most cases, UK citizens travelling to Ireland do not need a passport due to the common travel area regulations that allow passport-free travel between Ireland and the UK. There are currently no passport controls between Ireland and the UNITED Kingdom. However, you will need to bring a valid ID, and many airlines and ferries require you to bring passports, so it is recommended that you bring your UK passport.

All children must have an individual Irish passport in their own name. This must be requested by the child`s parents. The exact requirements when applying for a passport for your child depend on individual circumstances, such as .B. where and when they were born. If you are unable to present marriage, divorce or separation certificates, you will need to file 2 documents proving the use of your new name. See accepted examples of proof of use. If you reside in Ireland, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom, the EU, the EEA or Switzerland, you can use the Passport online service to apply for your first Irish passport. Passport Online is open to all applicants. The Passport Service continues to prioritize Passport Online applications. Applying online is the fastest way to get your passport. You can track the progress of your passport online. If you were born abroad and adopted by an Irish citizen under Irish law, you must present the following Irish passport requirements (in addition to the required general documents described above – see introductory paragraph): If you apply for an Irish Fast Travel Passport by post, you can receive your new passport within ten days (for most applicants).

However, if you are from the EU, EEA or a country outside the EEA area, you must have a valid passport and/or visa to travel to Ireland. In some cases, EU citizens can use a valid identity card instead of a passport. Using the Passport online system is the fastest way to get an Irish passport. Most applications are completed within five to ten days, while new applicants usually take 20 days. With borders closed around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can only dream of travelling to these 186 countries, but why not celebrate your ancestral ties to Ireland by getting your Irish passport on Irish National Day? We need proof of parental citizenship to determine the child`s citizenship applications. Important: From March 2016, all adult passport applicants residing in Ireland for the first time will be required to present a photocopy of their public service card for identification. This also applies to adult passport applicants whose last passport was issued before January 2005 and which has since been reported as lost, stolen or damaged. You no longer need to provide a certified copy of the photo ID or proof of use of the name. Proof of address is always required.

However, if one of your parents was born outside Ireland or Northern Ireland, you must register your birth with the Foreign Birth Register before you can apply for citizenship and apply for your Irish passport. This is true even if your parents are Irish citizens. You must attach 4 identical photos of yourself to your request. Two of these photos must be signed on the back by the person who witnessed the request. The witness must also enter the form number indicated in section 9 of the application form on the two signed photos. If you apply for your passport in Ireland, the witness must be a member of Garda Síochána. In the vast majority of cases, it is not necessary to include a note in your passport. A traveller discovered that his passport had expired on the morning of his trip. Since its desirability is high, it can be difficult to apply for an Irish passport. Applicants must check a number of boxes and submit a portfolio of supporting documents. Your ICD lawyer will assess your immigration status, document and map your immigration history (including your approval stamps) and ultimately verify that you meet the eligibility criteria for an Irish passport.

If you wish to enter the name of your birth certificate as a note in your new passport booklet and it was not entered as an observation in a previous passport booklet, you must attach your original birth certificate to your application. Obtaining citizenship by descent is different from citizenship obtained by naturalization. Irish citizens applying for a passport for the first time must provide the appropriate documents proving their existing status. What do you need to apply for an Irish-Irish passport? For example, all of a child`s passport application forms are considered “complex extensions” because the consent of all guardians must be verified. If you need help completing and submitting your passport application, our application package allows one of the ICD`s immigration lawyers to perform this task on your behalf. We have decades of experience in filling and submitting applications to achieve the results desired by our clients. We can advise you on where to send your Irish passport application, advise you on an initial passport application, provide you with information on the application requirements and identify an appropriate person who can testify to your Irish passport application in the UK. Most people need a passport to travel to Ireland. If you are not an Irish citizen or do not have an Irish passport, you may also need to have a valid visa to enter the country (for example. B a tourist visa). We can help you complete and submit your application and ensure that you meet all Irish passport requirements.

The time it takes to process your Irish passport application form may depend on your specific situation, e.B. how you applied, whether you were applying for an extension or an initial application, and from where you are applying. For residents of other countries, you must submit your passport application to the appropriate consulate: If you apply for your first Irish passport, your application may take up to 20 days. A passport is usually issued in the applicant`s name as it appears on their birth certificate. If an applicant has changed their name (for example. B after a marriage or civil partnership) and wishes to apply for a passport in his new name, he may still want the name of his birth certificate to be noted in his passport. In such cases, the name of the birth certificate may appear as a note on page 3 of the passport booklet. Complex renewals (including all children) and initial passport applications can take six to eight weeks. The ICD`s team of experienced and qualified immigration lawyers provides invaluable legal assistance in all immigration matters. This includes those who need help getting an Irish passport. The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Authority provides an overview of passport stamps indicating the intended place of residence. If you are in the process of applying for a passport or would like to register for RBF and need assistance, please provide your application details below.

If your child was born on the island of Ireland on or after January 1, 2005, your citizenship will affect their eligibility. If you are an Irish citizen, all you need to do is present your birth certificate and passport. If you are considering applying for your Irish passport but plan to do so through your Irish-born grandparents, you must first apply for Irish Birth Registration Abroad (FRB). While you can find out more about the Irish overseas birth registration application here, the processing of overseas birth registrations has been suspended until Dublin returns to Level 3 of the National Framework for Living with COVID-19. .

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