To experience or not experience – that is the question.

We sometimes tend to downgrade our sensory experiences by using a lot of different devices that determine our experiences
. We have a lot of gadgets that measure one thing and another such as pulse watches, scales, sleep tracking, temperature, GPS tracking etc
. Most of these things are really valuable aid for us in different situations
. However, when do we reach the tipping point where these tools, these aids becomes real dangers to us?

Gary Wolf contributing editor at Wired gives in this short TED presentation (5 minutes) his view of how to use the tools for self improvement, for self discovery, for self awareness and for self knowledge. ‘If we want to act more effectively in the world we had to get to know ourselves better’ says Gary Wolf at the end of the presentation

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. We definitely agree with him however the first question that arises is: do we want to act more effectively? If yes why don’t we start by shaping our senses and pay attention to what we experience instead of shutting our senses down and put ourselves in a state of unconsciousness of our senses?

Please watch the video and judge for yourself; do I need more data, do I need more things to stimulate my cortex to be happy or do I need to pay attention to how to be more accurate when I experience with my senses?

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