The world of ranking

Remember Hi Fidelity? The book written by Nick Hornby about the guy who remains in the late teens even though he’s 30 years, running a record store and ranking everything from the best guitar solo to the most beautiful female voice.

Apparently we are all like Rob (the main character in Hi Fidelity)

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. We love to make lists and rankings and the demand seems to be infinite, since almost everything is ranked today and most often also celebrated through an event where the results is presented .

Here’s another of all these lists. Business Week has listed the world’s best tech companies based on the following criterias:  shareholder return, return on equity, total revenues, and revenue growth. Those with the best aggregate ranking go to the top of the list

Why do we have the faiblesse for all rankings?

What’s the driving force behind them?

Is it a male phenomenon or is it equal between the sexes?

Business Week’s “best tech companies”

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  1. Presupposition # 19 – Global Prejudice Index | propositum 26 Jan 2012, 14:53

    […] to the intention, of the things you measure. We’ve also been fascinated by the urge for all rankings and lists – irrespective of subject and the force that our presuppositions […]

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    The world of ranking | propositum


  1. Presupposition # 19 – Global Prejudice Index | propositum
  2. Viagra med klarna