The Fun theory – Visual and auditive creativity

We all know that we’re not moving enough every day
. We all know we can contribute more to achieve a sustainable world
. We also know that it’s the small steps we all do in our everyday life that really make impact
. Do most of us change our habits? No

Some creative persons in Sweden have been thinking of this and the factor of fun was missing according to them when they created this campaign for VW; ‘Blue Motion’. Together with our visual and auditive sense they have produced some real astonishing and creative ways which really changes peoples behaviour from how we reclaim glass bottles to how we take the stairs instead of the escalator. If it’s a lasting change – we don’t know but it probably is – and it really doesn’t matter cause it hopefully inspires to thoughtfulness in other areas (isomorphism) also

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. Watch the videos below and just think of where you can make changes in your everyday life.

the fun theory

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