Presupposition # 9 and frames

Development can be described as things that come together. To invent products, to develop services or to take things to the next level, it’s good to know how our minds tend to hinder or support us in that process. Dependending on our presuppositions people thinkt it easy or tough with development.

Over the years there are a lot of examples from all lines of businesses where we’ve been stuck in our thoughts and where our presupposition prevents development. One exemple of this is bicycle helmets. In Sweden for those who don’t know, it’s a law to carry helmet when biking until you’re 15 years old. Parents know that it’s good to carry a helmet but very few do. Our vanity stop us. However, the Danes known for their design ability have now helped us to overcome our vanity by just thinking; how can we overcome the functional bicycle helmet and add form to them? That is to say to design them.

Are there things in my everyday life, where my presuppositions hinder development?

Are there things in my daily life where my presuppositions support development?

Yakkay Bicycle helmets

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