Presupposition # 17 – Keynes vs Hayek round 2

There’s an old saying stating ‘all proofs rest on premises’ which is true

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. Even mathematics rests on unproved axioms which we often tend to forget.

There’s probably no other field where our presuppositions make us think and act in a pre-defined way as the field of economy. We have earlier written about the brilliant Keynes vs Hayek video by producer John Papola and economist Russ Roberts. The video presenting Round 1 ‘The boom and the bust’ was released in early 2010. Now they have made a new and even more captivating video called ‘Fight of the century’
. In 8.45 minutes you learn more of economics than you in all likelihood did during university, and for those of you who haven’t studied economics (that goes for most people), these 8.45 is well worth spending since you’ll understand more what the politicians talk about and your general knowledge will raise a lot.

Great presented, an enthralling tune, intelligent and impressive lyrics
. All summarised within 10 minutes. Professors and teachers and all of you working in a profession where communication play a great role – please watch and learn!

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