Presupposition # 13 – Mindsets

Most of the discussion today regarding if a car is environmentally friendly or phrased in another way, if a car affects the enviroment more or less, concentrates on what kind of fuel the car use. Of course this is of great importance but howcome we almost not at all discuss the footprint the cars have if you look at the life cycle costs?

A consultancy company called CNW Marketing Research made a study in 2007 ( ‘Dust to dust’ report) where they stated that a Hummer was greener than a Toyouta Prius, if you view the life cycle cost

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. The report had some attention but of course it’s almost inevitable when you do these studies that some of your assumptions will not be applicable. However, in this case the most important issue is probably not how the survey was conducted
. The question is why everybody solely discuss what kind of fuel the car use? Most of the debate is focused on what happens when the car runs
. The debate is much less about; how the car was produced or how it’ll be recycled

. Our presupposition is focused on the fuel consumption and let us keep that focus and attention and add the sustainable discussion on production and recycling, especially as a parameter in a purchasing situation .

Are there more areas where, we are misled by the general presuppositions?

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