We meet more people than ever

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. We are in meetings more than ever . We present things more than ever. Albeit these facts there are probably no other area within organisations, where small changes can lead to huge improvements. Cause one thing is for sure; we don’t present better today than we did 50 years ago – although all technical aid we have!

One simple presupposition to start with is what has become a misinterpretation
. We call Key Note, Powerpoint and similar programs for speaker aid. It isn’t. It is an aid for the audience to understand the messages the speaker has. If we all start by changing our vocabulary, our mindsets will also eventually change and we might not need to experience all detailed, busy slides with too much information, that we do every day in every organisation – all over the world.

So, what’s the main reason with my next presentation (to inform, to affect, to please)?

What’s the intention of the presentation?

How do I show that?

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