Multitasking or the almost simultaneous execution of more than one thing at the same time e.g. watching TV, Facebooking, playing on your cell phone etc. has definitely grown the last decade. Many of today’s teenagers can’t understand how their parents could sit for a whole evening just watching TV. The teenagers claim that they compared to older generations, are more skilled and clever when it comes to handle a lot of things and often feel very productive. There are adults who also feel they’re really productive and live their lives multitasking all day long. Of course there are those who don’t think it is like this at all. David Meyer at the University of Michigan has studied the phenomenon and he definitely claims that we’ll have an attention crisis to be
. To learn while you’re not focused i.e. distracted, fundamentally changes the brain systems that are involved in learning. We’ll perform worse according to David Meyer

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. He also makes the comparison with how our attitude towards smoking was in the 50’s and multitasking today; in those days it was cool to smoke, today it isn’t. Others claim that David Meyer is like all adults who don’t understand the youth of today and claim that judgement day is near . If multitasking is a myth or not, if we won’t get any seminal ideas of people born in the 90’s and in the 00’s we’ll see. However, pay attention to the phenomenon and make your own conclusions.

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