To copy and duplicate has been a strategy for some companies over the years. However, to copy an organisation’s culture and behaviour is almost impossible. It’s also very demanding and a big challenge to build, maintain and develop an organisational behaviour or an organisational culture. So one might ask how do you do it?

First of all we have to define what we mean by a culture. One way to express it is that culture is everything which is not nature i.e. all of what mankind has done and does. The largest common denominator of a culture is the language and how we use it. To create an organisational culture one ought to work a lot with the organisational language.

In september 2009 Steve Jobs held a Key Note presentation which has been edited and published in an awsome way. The Key Note is summarised into less than two minutes and just a couple of adjectives.

Apple Key Note

What’s your organisational language?

Does your organisation’s language, support or disintegrate the culture?

Do you think the example from Apple makes their culture stronger or weaker?

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