We have approximately 6000 languages in the world today
. Africa has by itself around 1800 languages . We have ‘one’ mathematics and most musicians use the chromatic scale with twelve tones, seven ground tones and five derived tones for composing and playing.

We communicate through the 6 000 languages we have. We count with the mathematic language there is. We create rock, classical music, pop, songs, hip hop, jazz, R & B etc. with the same twelve tones
. The tones are sincerely ubiquitous.

So when we count and play music with one mean for communication, why have we during mankind’s evolution kept more than 6000 languages?

There are of course a lot of answers and theories behind this however if you try to summarise the answers, you can say that the reason is to divide people and to unite people

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So, when we communicate and mis-communicate is it due to the fact that it sometimes is good to be divided and sometimes is good to be united?

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