Beds are burning – tck tck tck

The climate meeting in Copenhagen will be a meeting people refer to irrespective of the results, since there are a lot of expectations for the summit. Over the years there have been lots of different mucic projects – with mixed results –  where famous artists gather to raise awareness for a specific issue. This is the case for Copenhagen 09 also but this time the artists have chosen an already known song with a strong political message and symbolic. At the closing ceremony in the Olympics 2000 in Sydney, Midnight Oil performed the song all dressed in black with “sorry” printed on their shirts.The song is “Beds are burning” from 1987. Originally it’s about giving native Australian lands back, but it has been remixed and re-phrased to suit this purpose. The video itself is really worth watching even though you don’t like or sympathise with the message. Watch it and just reflect upon it!

tck tck tck

Midnight Oil Sydney 2000

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