Apple – It’s all about communication or it’s all about technology…

One can think whatever one would like to think of this company and the products they produce . At the moment in the end of the worst recession since the 30’s the company is at its peak and the stock surges. If the comany just hints about a new product there’s massive speculation and enormous (free) attention from all over the world. According to Google News, as of 5 p.m

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. on Wednesday January 27 2010, there were more articles associated with the iPad than there were with President Obama’s State of the Union address. Has that ever happened before – the State of the Union speech overrided by a product launch?

What is most extraordinary is that the products themeselves aren’t the pioneering ones – if you look at the technology part of them, But, they’re really user friendly. However everything hasn’t always been successes which you can be reminded of at this page.

What one can notice is that the communication over the decades has been consistent
. The famous ad from 1984 is a legend. The man behind the commercial Guy Day died in January 2010. Since 2006 Apple have communicated via the ‘I’m a Mac and I’m a PC’ commercials where two actors personalises the two products. The commercials have been a success mainly due to the simple format and the intelligent dialogue where ‘I’m a Mac’ all the time chooses the truth he would like to have conveyed. Just brilliant, simple and funny. So, maybe the headline is wrong. It’s not all about communication, technology or design, maybe it’s just all about presuppositions.

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