About propositum

Improve the communication, the meetings, the presentations et al. for change processes.

Many managers today experience that it gets harder and harder to internalise messages in an organisation, irrespective if it’s a change, the strategy, a project, a new business or an important meeting

Questions at issues are among others:

  • What can we do to get a better understanding of what we would like to achieve, internally and externally?
  • Ho can we improve co-operation, coherence and comprehension?
  • How can we increase the odds for a successful change?
  • What can we explicitly do to get our target group to remember the conveyed messages?

If you specifically look at meetings, which is an important mean in organisations’ change processes, the questions bring matters even more to a head

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So, what can one do and how do you make the communication better during a change management process?

There are of course no universal answer to this question, however propositum specialises in, and has its raison d’être build upon to increase the understanding between people, by improving:

  • the communication in organisations in connection with changes
  • organisations’ launches, internalisations and how to pass on knowledge and messages
  • organisations’ significant meetings and related educational meeting dispositions
  • key persons’ ability to communicate and how they perform
  • key persons’ scripts, speeches and presentations 

All this by focusing on the intention/intentions with the right frame setting, safe guarding the intention is kept all the way, to reach the wished desired states of mind.


propositum which is Latin for “intention, purpose, theme, point” was founded in 2008 since there was no other company fully specialising within this field, while the need just grew . We work with small and large companies and organisations, which most often have its base in Sweden, but operate globally. Our experience cover a broad area of competencies which all are included in the larger frame of communication.

We would be glad to hear from you so you’re more than welcome to contact us!

Warm regards,