When will we have a new world economy?

If you ask most inhabitants within the member countries of EU, they’ll definetly know who’s the president of the US and most probably they’ll also know who was his opponent during the 2008 election

. Most people will also know the name of the vice president and also Mr McCain’s candidate as vice president.

If you ask people within EU the name of the leaders of the worlds two largest countries, in poulation, China and India you’ll be happy if one per thousand could name them.

In India the president is Pratibha Patil and the prime minister is Manmohan Singh

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. Mr Singh was re-elected in May 2009 for a second five year period and the prime minister is the head of government while the president is chief of state . In China the chief of state is president Hu Jintao and the head of government is Premier Wen Jiabao. Hu Jintao has been president since 2003 and was re-elected 2008.

In November 2009 there was a TED event in India. Hans Rosling held as he always does an intriguing presentation. He presented a very accurate prediction of when China and India would pass US & UK in income per person, which really will be a watershed. To raise your personal general knowledge, our recommendation is to invest 16 minutes and watch Hans Rosling’s presentation.

When do you think India and China will pass US and UK in income per person?

What do you know about China and India?

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